How To Make Writing Ideas Fall Right Into Your Lap ∣ Writer’s Relief

How To Make Writing Ideas Fall Right Into Your Lap ∣ Writer’s Relief

How To Make Writing Ideas Fall Right Into Your Lap ∣ Writer’s Relief

Sometimes creative ideas come easily and the words flow effortlessly from your fingertips to the page (or keyboard). But other times, inspiration can be more elusive and hard to catch, like a sprinting puppy with something it shouldn’t have in its mouth. You may find yourself zigzagging through your mind—and the Internet—hoping to snag a worthwhile writing idea. Instead of spending hours chasing fruitless searches, wouldn’t it be wonderful if writing ideas would simply fall right into your lap? The experts at Writer’s Relief have some great tips to help the brightest ideas come to you more easily.

Easy Ways To Make Writing Ideas Fall Right Into Your Lap

Get Out And About

If you’ve been cooped up inside (and we’ve all spent a bit more time inside than planned), get back out into the world. Go for a walk, watch other people, listen to conversations, observe your new surroundings with fresh eyes—and carry a notebook. Then, when you need an idea to kick-start your creativity, you can open the handy journal sitting in your lap and browse through your notes.

Read! And Read Some More!

Rather than straining your brain to come up with a great writing idea, fill your mind with another author’s thoughts instead. Reading the work of other writers can inspire your own ideas. A story that takes place on a farm might remind you of someone you met while pumpkin picking. A poem about a peaceful protest might rouse your own feelings about ways to make a difference in the world. Seeing how another author handles descriptions, dialogue, or settings will also help you improve your writing skills. Once you remove the pressure to come up with ideas, your subconscious will start bubbling and creative concepts will float more easily to the top.

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

Again, sometimes NOT trying too hard to come up with writing ideas is the best way to have a good writing idea fall into your lap. When you focus too intently on something, it actually gets harder to see connections that could lead to a great idea for your next poem, short story, essay, or book. Stepping away from your writing can actually make it easier to be inspired.

So call or email someone you haven’t been in touch with for a while and catch up on what’s new. When the time is right, venture out to meet a friend for coffee and just talk for a while. Another person’s thoughts and experiences can help you develop new ideas.

Try A Writing Prompt Or Freewriting

Writing prompts are the go-to source for easily generating new ideas for your creative writing projects. Even if what you write for the prompt doesn’t lend itself to further development, you might end up following a tangent that offers you the perfect plot twist, new character, setting details, or turn of phrase.

In freewriting, you simply write whatever comes to mind for about five to ten minutes. Let your thoughts flow with the editorial/critical side of your brain turned off. You’ll find that amazing ideas can fall right into your lap when you let your mind run free!

By being open to different people, places, experiences, and writing techniques, you’ll help your mind refuel and generate new writing ideas. And once you’ve been inspired to write something really good, the next thing to fall into your lap may be an acceptance from a literary editor or agent! Writer’s Relief can help with that: Learn more about our services here.


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