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About Us ICFO @drdonysnews.com

About Us

Good Day and Welcome

I am Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD., Founder. The Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO)

Serving Our Members and Readers Since 2004

Who the Internet Crime Fighters Organisation (ICFO)?

  • ICFO is a News and Media Accumulator, Portal and Blog fed by
  • an extensive News Feed Network and Original Research
  • To provide timely news, reviews, tips, how-to and articles related to Internet Crime 
  • Profile Founder, Author/Admin Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD
    • Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Adviser
    • Former Mortgage Banker Barker, Financial Services, and
    • Multi-state Real Estate Broker (CA, NV)
    • Elected President-Elect Incline Village, NV Board of Realtors 1999
    • Financial Underwriting, Scams and Fraud Verification since 1981
    • Online Scams, Fraud and Malware Research since 2004
    • Author of the Internet Users Handbook 2009-2014
    • Former Founder/Director of
    • Kooiii Stay Safe, My Safety Net and Stay Safe Blogs – shut down
    • Founder of the Internet Scams Anonymous Groups 2010 –  To be replaced with Internet Crime Fighters Groups
    • Founder/Director Avoiding Scams Online Blog – replaced by this blog
    • Author Internet Risk Management
    • A Successful Offline and Online Entrepreneur; multiple companies
    • See more http://about.me/drdony

Mission to Raise Awareness of Internet Crime 

  • We are a value-added resource to inform and help protect you,
  • Your children, family and your business from Internet Crime; Security Threats, Scams, and Fraud
  • Provide scam free work at home opportunities for those that need to supplement their present income of senior
  • Or seniors that cannot afford to retire with the dignity that they have earned and deserve

Funding / Support

  • My wife and I have self-funded and supported these Free Services since 2004
  • Funding is sought to help Recover Costs, Staffing, Expansion of Services, Advertising, and Research
  • Donations are Most Appreciated
  • Sponsors and Advertisers inquiries are invited


  • To Raise Internet Users Awareness of Internet Crime and Security
  • To be a leading resource for Internet Crime information within 3-5 years
  • Provide Internet Crime (Cybercrime) training to individuals, business, and organizations
  • To provide regional Internet Crime Fighter Training and Research Center